Department of Digitization

The Department of Digitization was established in 2020. It originated from the linguistic subproject Application of Linguistic Research in the Development of the Digital Glossary of the III Project called Interdisciplinary Research of Serbia’s Linguistic and Cultural Heritage. Development of the multimedia internet portal Pojmovnik srpske kulture (47016), which took place from 2011 to 2019 at the Institute. The main goal of the Department of Digitization is to continue the work started within the III project, as well as to participate in the design and implementation of other activities in digitizing Serbian language resources related to scientific research at the Institute.

In addition to scientific papers and monographic publications, the most significant results of the work of the Department of Digitization are the Dictionary Platform Raskovnik (, the Platform for Digital Editions and Transcription of Serbian Manuscript Heritage Prepis (, Digital edition of Serbian folk proverbs by Vuk Karadžić, software for optical recognition of Cyrillic characters with diacritics SCyDia and the exhibition Prizren – life in words in the Gallery of Science and Technology of SANU (2013) dedicated to the digitization of the handwritten thesaurus from Prizren by Dimitrije Čemerikić.


The following associates from the Institute are engaged in the Department with a certain percentage of working time: Snežana Petrović, Ph.D., Scientific Adviser, Svetlana Slijepčević Bjelivuk, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, Vesna Đordjević, Ph.D., Research Associate, Jelena Janković, Ph.D., Research Associate, Mirjana Petrović Savić, Ph.D., Scientific Associate, Ana Španović, Ph.D., Research Associate, MSc Sonja Manojlović, Research Associate, MSc Marija Gmitrović, Research Associate, MSc Miljana Čopa, Research Associate. External associates: Stanislav Stanković, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, and MSc Lenka Bajčetić, Computer Science, Master of Digital Humanities.